Urban Senior Photo Session – Akron, OH

building background in AkronMeet Mion from the Copley High School Class of 2018.  Mion described her favorite style as urban grunge and so she really wanted to have her senior pictures done downtown.  We found so many cool nooks and crannies to use as backdrops and the result was a super fun urban senior photo session!

Senior girl photo ideas for downtown - Akron senior picturesUrban senior Pictures - Akron Civic Theater

Black and white urban senior pictures Akron, Oh

downtown akron senior pictures - urban senior photo

If you’re thinking that a session downtown would be bland and boring brick buildings, think again!  We found so many pops of color like this green metal staircase.       Urban grunge fashion senior photo session in Akron, OH

Mion’s mom also wanted some pictures with a dressier outfit.  So Mion changed and we found some more great spots.

Downtown Akron Senior Pictures on rainbow steps - urban senior photoSenior Pictures at Lock 4 in Akron, OH - urban senior photo

Lock 4 Senior Pictures Akron

Urban senior photo session in Akron, OH


Do you want a senior photographer that loves your location as much as you do? Will you want an urban photo session like this one or would you prefer a more natural setting like a park or hiking trail?  We have a ton of versatile locations around Akron and Canton!  I really enjoy the challenge of taking your favorite spot and making it a great backdrop for your session.  So get in touch and let’s chat about your vision for your senior pictures!

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Boho First Birthday Photo Session

Baby clapping hands by Adrienne Zwart Photography

I really love getting to see my tiniest clients grow up!  Kalina turned one last month, and I wanted to do something special for her first birthday session.  Her mom messaged me a photo of her outfit, and so I started thinking about how I wanted to design the set.  I had seen these cute teepees on Pinterest, and so I decided to go with a boho first birthday theme.  With some glam tossed in because what girl doesn’t like sparkles and pink fur??


Enjoy the pictures from Kalina’s boho first birthday photo session!

Boho first birthday photo session with teepee

Boho first birthday photo set with teepeeBaby girl in a tent with pink fur and glittery pillows

Making this teepee was fun!  And it wasn’t terribly difficult, even for someone like me who can really only sew a little.  (In fact, I’m going to make another one for my niece and nephew for Christmas. Don’t worry–they can’t read yet, so it’s okay to tell you.)




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Sharing the Love {Client Testimonials}

Most of my clients are so in love with their pictures that they invest in albums, wall art, canvases, and gift prints.  (I keep tissues in the viewing room for moms and dads who get a little misty-eyed.)  But don’t just take my word for it!  Here’s what some of my clients have expressed:


Client Reviews of Adrienne Zwart Photography

“Thank you so much for making Kate’s ‘senior picture taking day’ a WONDERFUL experience!!!!! Dan asked her how it went as soon as we walked in the door and she said, ‘It was great…all of it!’ ”  — Linda

“Adrienne Zwart Photography is the best option if you’re looking to get your photo or your family’s photo taken ! She’s very comforting, very gifted at what she does, …!! I got my senior pictures done with her and I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out!! She’s awesome go check her out! You’ll love the results!” — Anthony

“You are always great to work with and have great results, all 4 of our kids will be your subjects!”  — Bill

“We were just amazed at how well you did with [Emily]. Your gentle spirit and sense of what would work with her really made the difference. It was quite a challenge to do portraits when autism means Emily doesn’t look at the camera! We felt you truly captured the girl we love in your choice of locations and poses. I guess you know it worked exceptionally well when you have a mom and aunt who gasp seeing each proof! We love you and your incredible work! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”  — MJ


Akron Ohio Newborn Photos featuring the color purple

“Adrienne did such an amazing job with my new grandson. She was patient, calming and so gentle.” — Rebecca

“Adrienne was amazing. She was so patient with our 3 year old and the baby. She was so easy to work with! The pictures turned out perfect and we loved every shot. Thank you, Adrienne, for capturing our newborn baby Talia and our family!” — Miranda

“When my baby granddaughter had her photo shoot with Adrienne Zwart Photography, I had no idea what to expect. I was blown away by the patience andattention to detail that Adrienne had with the baby. She is amazingly gifted, and her love for her job truly shows. I can highly recommend Adrienne Zwart Photography!” — Nicki


Family Photos - Client Testimonials

“Thank you for being our family photographer — you do such an amazing job!” — April

“Adrienne is amazing with young children. She has been photographing the kids since they were a week old.” — Amy

“Our family session was really fun!” — Bill and Tracy

So there you have it.  I obviously have THE BEST clients in the whole world.  And I’m very happy to share how delighted they were with the results of our sessions.


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4 Tips for Easier Photo Sessions with Toddlers

Be nice to everyone... t-shirt wisdom about toddlers
I can’t remember what the battle was about, but I remember the feeling very well!  My very independent then-toddler daughter was not seeing things my way.  Not only was she disobeying, she started telling me what to do.  In frustration, I exclaimed. “Hey!  You’re not the boss of me!”

Not my most compelling adult argument, I agree.

But it did make me realize that I needed to take a breath and just step back for a second.  (I came to realize that timeouts were really more for me than they were for my kids.)  Turns out, she just needed me to hear her, and I just needed a different approach.

Toddlers have their own ideas about how things should go.  Can I get an “Amen!”?  That goes for everything from what to eat (even though they liked Mac-n-Cheese yesterday) to whether or not to smile for photos.

I can’t help a whole lot with the dinner table struggles (except to maybe point you to an article that makes a lot of sense).  But I can help your photo sessions go a little more smoothly with some tried and true tips.

Shy Toddler Girl Isn

Four Tips for Making Photo Sessions with Toddlers Easier

1. Bring them to the Pre-Session Consultation

Some kids are comfortable meeting new people and make friends easily.   Other kids are naturally wary of strangers.  So if your child hasn’t met me before, please bring him/her with you to your pre-session consultation.  You and I will chat about your vision for the session and your plan for the artwork we create together, and having your kids present at that meeting allows them to get to know me.  Then when we meet for your photo session, I am familiar to them and they don’t feel like they’ve been put on the spot.

Toddler Stares Down Photographer at Her Birthday Photoshoot

2. Don’t Practice

No, really!

Please don’t spend even 5 minutes practicing their best smiles.  I can’t stress this enough.  A lot of parents feel like practicing is a good plan, but what they find is that their children end up being “all done” with the whole smiling thing before we even get started.  If your child is one that needs time to mentally transition from one activity to the next (and who doesn’t, honestly?), just let them know you are going to be coming to see me and I’ll be taking some pictures while you all have fun.  And leave it at that.

3. Relax!

Sometimes toddlers don’t want to cooperate. Surprise!  And I’m a mom, so I totally get it!  One of the comments I hear repeatedly after a session is “I can’t believe how patient you are!”  That is something I really strive for.  I like to give the kids space.  I build plenty of time into my sessions to account for breaks so that can happen.  Sometimes a child just needs to get up and do her own thing for a minute or two. Many times, I use that as an excuse to get a few shots of the parents together or individuals of the older siblings.

Family Photo Session with a Toddler

In the photo above left, Cassidy wanted to look at the rocks on the path.  So we let her do that for a bit.  Literally, a minute later, we got this:
Family photo with toddler sitting on dad

4. Embrace the Perfectly Imperfect

At the end of the day, what really matters is having captured this time in your lives.  Yes, of course, we all want that beautiful family portrait where everyone is looking at the camera with perfect smiles.  But sometimes those meltdowns that all parents dread–they can lead to powerful photos of you doing what you do best.  Providing a safe place for your child to express herself.  To be the voice that soothes, the hand that strokes, those arms that protect.
Mom kissing toddler boy on the forehead.

While I can’t guarantee your session will go off without a hitch, I can tell you that knowing what to expect and having a plan is half the battle.

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Baby Talia {Ecru and Eggplant Newborn Photos}

Meet baby Talia — isn’t she darling?!

Akron Ohio Newborn Photos featuring the color purple

When Talia’s mom came for her pre-consultation, we talked about which colors she would like to use during their newborn photo session. Since their nursery was done in neutrals, she was open to suggestions.  I showed her some of my newest favorite wraps and accessories.   (Confession:  I may possibly have a headband and hat addiction.) She really liked the ecru and the eggplant purple ones.

I love the soft ecru, beiges and grays for family shots.  And the eggplant was so pretty with Talia’s dark hair! Great job, Mom!  These colors you chose are beautiful together!

Akron Ohio Newborn Photos featuring the color purple and cream

Dad and big brother Landon came for the session, too.  It’s always so nice when the whole family wants to be included in the pictures.  Especially when you are planning to purchase a beautiful photo album.  All those family photos help to tell the story of this new little person!   Newborn photos with family

Book a Newborn Session

Are you expecting a baby soon?  Let’s get together and chat about what colors you’d like for your custom newborn portrait sesson.  Click on the contact tab above to get in touch.  I look forward to meeting you!

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