Emma – Sitter Milestone Session

Emma at 6 months sitting upEmma’s parents received a gift certificate and used it to purchase a Milestone Session.  What’s that?  I’m glad you asked. 😉  Milestone sessions are shorter sessions just for babies and toddlers that can last up to 45 minutes with outfit changes if the baby tolerates that. Baby milestone sessions can be done at any time, but typically we focus on the big three milestones:  sitting, standing and walking.  Honestly, my favorite are the sitting and standing sessions and that’s just because once they start walking, it’s a little harder to keep them on the set.  🙂 Often parents will opt to do a one year session with a cake smash instead of the walking stage session, just because the first birthday is a big milestone, too.  Those are really fun!Emma at 6 months sitting up

A milestone session focuses on one child, though I do have parents come dressed for pictures, too, just in case.







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