Let’s Hear it for the Girls! {Photo Challenge}

Canton Family Pictures by Adrienne Zwart Photography

We quickly took refuge under a big tree yesterday when it started sprinkling during her family photo session.  Happy to be “safe and dry”, Charlotte clapped and hugged her little brown bear.  Isn’t she adorable?

Let’s hear it for little girls, big smiles, teddy bears and spring flowers!  Oh, and for big trees that keep us fairly dry when we get caught out in the rain. 🙂

Check out the “Let’s Hear it for the Girls” photo challenge by clicking the I Heart Faces button below.  You will be able to view all the beautiful entries and even learn how to enter the contest yourself.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenges and Tips

Heather Rodriguez - May 5, 2014 - 2:16 pm

Oh my goodness those cheeks are just so delish!

Becky Leatherman Adams - May 5, 2014 - 8:57 pm

What a beautiful little girl! I work with a girl named Charlotte Webb! Isn’t that cool? : ) I love your little Charlotte’s bear. She is too cute.

Life with Kaishon - May 5, 2014 - 8:58 pm

Charlotte is absolutely adorable!

Z Kermani - May 6, 2014 - 3:08 pm

Such a sweet photo!

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Outdoor Senior Photo Session with Emily

Meet Emily – Class of 2014 – Howland High School

Emily’s senior portrait session started inside the studio.  And because everyone loves those outdoor portraits best, we moved outside for a bit and then drove to a local walking trail to finish the outdoor portion of her session.  A little breeze, gorgeous light and a girl whose laugh is infectious = perfect session.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? 😉

Senior Girl Photo Session IdeasSenior Girl Photo Session IdeasSenior Girl Photo Session IdeasSenior Girl Photo Session IdeasSenior Girl Photo Session IdeasSenior Girl Photo Session Ideas

Congratulations, Emily!  And best wishes as you finish out your senior year–you’re in the home stretch now!

Want to see more of Emily’s session?  Click the play button!

Emily-Class of 2014 – Senior Portrait Session from Adrienne Zwart on Vimeo.

Adrienne Zwart Photography is now booking for the Class of 2015, but the calendar is going to fill up quickly.

Call (330) 806-4948 to schedule your senior portrait session today!

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Candy Shoppe Senior – {What to Wear Spring 2014}

Candy Shoppe Senior by Adrienne Zwart PhotographyIt occurred to me just a few days ago that my daughter belongs to the Class of 2015.  The same class that I am now booking for senior portrait sessions this summer.  Oh. my. goodness! And as impossible as that really seems to me (I still picture her in my head as a 4-year-old with long blond ringlets), we need to start thinking about what we want to do for her senior pictures.

I encourage all my senior clients to plan out their outfits and even send me photos of what they’d like to wear for their senior pictures.  It gives me an idea of their personality, and the colors help me decide which backgrounds or locations (if they haven’t already chosen one) would work best.  Sometimes, though, they need a little extra inspiration.  They may only have one or two items that they know they really want to wear.  So I make these wardrobe suggestion palettes and pin them to my Pinterest board to help them get an idea of  how to layer and accessorize.

In my daughter’s case, she loves candy shop colors like aqua, lavender and pink.  She loves a little touch of sparkle, but her style is mainly casual.  So I put together some outfits that remind me of her.  She already has a jean jacket, a white cami, a cute pair of capris with bling-y pockets and khaki shorts, so those are the foundation pieces.  (Oh, and Sperrys.  Can’t forget the Sperrys.)  Then, I just went “shopping” online to find the sandals, dress and other clothing items.  (She just now popped her head into my office and I asked her how I did capturing her style and she loved it!)

Now, you might be wondering “Do I need to have my wardrobe this planned out?  And my answer to that is “It depends on what you are planning to do with the photos.”  If you simply want to have several different portraits done in outfits you just happen to already have and love and then choose the best pose to hang on the wall, it doesn’t really matter if all the outfits coordinate together.


If you are planning to order one of our popular album products or you want to hang several photos together in a collage, then it really does help to make a cohesive story if all the outfits somehow go together.

As always, if you need help planning what to wear for your senior portraits, I am happy to answer your questions and provide suggestions.  I’ve got a style board over on Pinterest where I’ve pinned my own wardrobe suggestions as well as those which some of my friends have made.  If you want to create you own style board, you can do that, too, on Polyvore.com.  (Beware, it’s addicting.)


I’ve still got a few spots left for those coveted summer outdoor sessions.  Call and book your senior portrait session today!


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Panthers Softball Seniors

Senior Girls Softball Team by Adrienne Zwart Photography

Last Friday, I got to hang out with the seniors from the Manchester Panthers softball team.  In addition to her personal senior portrait session, Kate and her family wanted to get some photos with all the seniors on the softball team together.

On top of the dugout. 🙂

These girls have been playing softball together for years, and like every team, they have weathered lots of ups and downs. Mostly ups.  Practice started in February, and they are gearing up for their last season of playing together.

Courtney, Rachel, Brooke, Kate, Haylee and Macenzie, I hope you all had fun on Friday.  (You made me so nervous climbing up onto the dugout roof!)  I enjoyed meeting all of you and I hope you have a terrific season!

Panthers Softball Team Seniors

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Guys Can Wear Purple, Right?

When I saw that the theme for this month’s photo challenge at I Heart Faces was “Purple” I thought there was no chance I was going to have a photo to enter.  Of all the sessions I shot last year, none of the senior girls (my thought process being that girls were my best chance for anything purple)  wore anything remotely purple.   Not even a scarf or necklace. And then I started browsing through some of the photo sessions I did last fall just in case there might be a hint of purple in one of the photo backgrounds.  And I remembered that Christian had worn this super-cool purple pinstriped shirt.  Hey, guys can wear purple, too!

Senior Guy Rocks Purple Shirt by Adrienne Zwart Photography

Check out the other amazing “Purple” entries over at I Heart Faces by clicking on the button below:

I Heart Faces Photo Challenges and Tips

skeller - February 7, 2014 - 9:59 pm

this guy certainly CAN wear purple! and we’re now officially the only two ladies crazy enough to post a teen dude in a purple themed challenge ;-).

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