Lucas and Sophia – One Month Old Twins

Sleeping Twins by Adrienne Zwart Photography - Uniontown, OHBorn at 38 weeks, these two little ones spent a few weeks in the NICU before they were ready for a photo session.  Which brings up something we don’t often talk about in newborn photography circles:  we can photograph babies older than 2 weeks.  Okay, maybe it’s not ideal because babies start to lose some of their flexibility and that means we might not be able to get them into those curly newborn poses.  And it is important that we mention that to our clients so they know what to expect.  But we can still  create absolutely beautiful photos of older babies, too.  Lucas and Sophia are just a month and 2 days in these photos.  See? Perfectly adroable!

I once photographed a baby at 2 months because we had to postpone her session due to family illness. And then we needed to work around summer vacation schedules.  She was more alert during her session, but her portraits were beautiful anyway.  And her mom was grateful that we didn’t try to push through a session when they weren’t feeling well just so we could get the session done in that magic 4-to-10-day window.

I said all that to say this:  When you are interviewing potential newborn photographers, we are all going to tell you that babies photograph best between 4 – 10 days old.   And that’s true for the most part.  But please don’t despair if your baby’s birth story includes a stop in the NICU and delays your session.   I have designed my schedule in such a way to have some flexibility because, let’s face it, babies rarely show up on their due date anyway.  We will make room to photograph your baby as soon as possible once he or she is home from the hospital!


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[Wardrobe note]: Mom brought along the cute bow tie and matching headband set.  Aren’t they cute!  She purchased them from Leopard Lace Love on Etsy.



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